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Technology Elite'rship for Business Executives


in advance of the on-site course, participants go through a number of e-learning modules via the internet. the pre-learning will focus on bringing all course participants to the same starting level. there will be an assessment process verifying the participants starting level for the on-site course

the pre-learning can be executed from the participants office (on-job), alternatively home, provided that an internet connection is available. the individual e-learning components can be completed within a number of hours.

Pre-learning: It starts before it starts..


On-site: One intense week..

The Internet
focus of the day is the internet, introducing the net and its various impacts on businesses.

the participants will during the course of the day build an e-business plan using their own business as context. 

the day will be ending by a guest speaker giving the insights of a real-life case story.

e-commerce, marketplaces, e-procurement, xml, extranet, portals, hub,  hypertext, backend integration, exchanges, contents partnership, electronic catalogues, killer application

Business Transactions
now focus is turned to the true core of information technology, the core business transactions support systems and its evolution into the logistical support systems and the support of all customer interaction.

participants will build an implementation plan for a (part) of a customer relationship platform.

enterprise resource planning (ERP), demand and forecast,  order fulfilment, supply chain management (SCM), plan and execute, customer relationship management (CRM), transactions, call and contact centres, cross and up selling, sales force automation (SFA), multi sales channels, campaign management, account details, 



the keywords of the day is working together facilitated by technology.

now we look into how organisations can work together by using technology - across offices, departments or even companies. with salesmen on the road.

during the day an intranet prototype will be established within the class-room and a number of collaborative scenarios supporting the day-to-day life of the participants will be tried out.  

intranet, e-mail, chat, discussion groups, web-conference, application sharing, synchronous/ asynchronous communication, e-learning 

Information as Knowledge


whilst so far focus has been on using technology to support the various operational parts of a company's organisation, like sales, customer service, order and production management, now the use of IT directly for the management as a organisational entity is experienced.

this is done by exploring in which form information can be experienced as decision support, but also by digging into the challenges of making those information available.

data warehouse, decision support systems, olap, business intelligence, metadata, exception reporting, drill down and explode, cyber behaviour, pivot table, slice and dice, statistical engines, eis, data mining, aggregated data, click stream analysis, data cleansing, data mart, data quality, multi-dimensional data

The Future - Convergence
turning the eyes wider than technology used in connection with computers and computer systems, we now look at how technology in a wider sense is expected to influence business life as well as provide opportunities in the near future.

combinations of information technology, telecommunication, entertainment, home appliances and industry specific technical platforms will be put in the context of the business of the participants.

a solid understanding of the impact and span of opportunities within the business area of the individual participant will be concluded

convergence, wireless, wap, screen fridge, car computer, epliances gps, pervasive internet, pda,  broadband, intelligent energy,  personalization, bluetooth, iTV, mobile, voice recognition, wearables, infotainment  

for a period of 3 months after the on-site training, a number of follow-up exercises will be executed via the internet. additionally a non-compulsory community membership, offering networking, exchange of ideas and access to refreshed case stories and the like will be offered to the participants.

the post-learning can be executed from the participants office (on-job), alternatively home, provided that an internet connection is available.

Post-learning: It isn't just over yet..
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