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Technology Elite'rship for Business Executives


the situation - recognize this?

you are a business manager responsible for running your part of the business, your people, external sub-contractors, and relationships to  internal or external clients to the services you provide. now and then you are interviewed by a journalist for the regional commercial paper.

people in your own department suggest that you look into a CRM system - everybody else does, so you should too. the press ask what your strategy and vision about e-commerce is, and when the breakeven on the return on investment for your e-procurement activities is met. one of your department chiefs in your organisation insist that one of your people allocate half his time to a business intelligence project and that you personally sit in on the steering committee having 3-hour bi-weekly meetings.  

the solution - what can you do about it?

get some in-depth understanding of all this lingo - but not on the terms of the technologists, rather in the contexts of your business. get a thorough understanding of how information- and communication  technology may influence your business - and experience the first steps of leveraging the benefits these technologies enable.

provide yourself with the insight that enable you to focus on the proper terms at the right time.

the process - how is this achieved?

the course provides introductory sessions briefing the participants on technology developments, terminology and reference cases from real-life companies. this introductory information is made use by the participants by actively developing business- and implementation plans, and to a limited degree prototype new ways of conducting business by the use of technology. 

the participants will thus experience the benefits and challenges related to those technologies, all driven by business development and improvements.  

preparations for the course takes place in advance of the class room session using e-learning, and post-learning including community membership follows the on-site course.

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