Per V. Olesen

Associate Consultant to ARL-Consulting and RBit IC&T


In short Senior application, business process and education consultant within transportation, surface and air. Experienced project and programme manager.

About and Education Personal Details
Born: 1966
Nationality: Danish
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Marital Status: Married

Experience Summary

2000- , Own consulting company and Associate to IC&T
1998-2000 United Consultants AS/ Corebit United Consultants AS
1987-1998 Mærsk Data AS

Key Assignments

Euro for Scandinavian Airlines System. Coaching and follow-up on the business and administrative functions. Purpose: Ensure that the activities identified on workshops were finished as planned, plus maintain status and add activities when such were identified. Area of responsibility Business Systems, Technical Division, SAS Cargo, SAS Trading.
Euro for Scandinavian Airlines System. Technical Euro conversion and creation of an environment for unit and integration tests. Purpose: Ensuring that the technical infrastructure and the platforms were upgraded to handle the Euro. Plus establish a suitable environment for integration tests and ensuring that these tests were performed.
LITS for Scandinavian Airlines System. Consulting about project start. Purpose: to get the project started as quickly as possible. The project type was mostly coaching SAS’ project manager. This was done in co-operation with another project manager from P.A.Consulting.
Year 2000 project for Scandinavian Airlines Data Group. Contingency planning in connection with the turn of the century 1999-2000. Purpose to prepare the Year 2000 contingency and continuity plans and organisation for the entire Scandinavian Airlines Data Group (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) operationally. The project type was mostly organisation and creation of procedures, but also included setting up the facilities and watch schedules.
Year 2000 project for Scandinavian Airlines System .
Creating an inventory of the distributed equipment (PC’s, printers, etc.) using CSC as a subcontractor. Purpose: to create an inventory of all the distributed equipment in SAS – thus creating a foundation for the actual Year 2000 compliance work of the equipment as well as the applications used at it. The project type was mostly controlling the subcontractor and handling of the logistics of getting people to all the locations.
Year 2000 project for Maersk Sealand. Year 2000 conversion of 35 applications, mostly mainframe (IBM). Purpose: to make Maersk Line’s global application YEAR 2000 compliant. The project type varied from consulting in the start of the project, to actually performing the conversion and tests.
Maersk Line Support: Project management
Technical Support: Team leader, Responsible for internal education, Project support

Maersk Line Support: Application programming, Hot-line support and training of end-users

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