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august 2001

e-mail rené bendt Web- and work-group applications developed fast and at a low cost

ARL-Consulting B.V. (Netherlands) with a Russian branch office was founded during first half 2001. Already now reaching close to 20 staff a portfolio of custom designed applications are build and maintained typically using Microsoft technology using components reflecting the complexity, physical location of the users, requirements for scalability and performance from the customer. 

ARL, being founded by two westerners, Lucas Mees and René Bendt, and Russian Alex Dybenko, changes the balance of traditional outsourcers by being both close to the customers business as well as taking advantage of the the high skill sets and modest salary levels in Russia. 

For more information see www.arl-consulting.com or write to info@arl-consulting.com.

Using The Net to Service Your Customers

read the news that e-business didnt really take off? so this internet is gonna close down? not exactly - the internet is still becoming more videly used.  maybe having happy customers expect more from you, than just buying your products or services. ever considered using the internet for servicing your customers?

this may be before, during or after they buy your products. and it may with focus on this discipline alone, or as a part of a major CRM strategy combining marketing and sales efforts with your service capabilities.

now, service on the net, what does that mean? well, depending on the nature of the service required, it may be self-service, off-line interaction with a service representative or even on-line using text chat or other live technologies. or who is better assisting a customer than another customer?

read more here or contact info@rbitics.com.

Done that, been there, and it works!?
..or rather you think it works. how about using real customers' experiences to figure out if your service is really as good as you think, and if not, what works and what doesn't.  mystery shopping is a tool to manage your services organisation truly founded your customers' actual experiences. 

Turn that Customer Interaction into Knowledge that drives Your Business

they call, they send e-mails, they visit your web-site: all trivial customer interactions? or the most valuable market intelligence you can think of? 

how about those who don't call, don't e-mail or don't visit your web-site?

it is not too bad to figure out when they and where they do and don't. now the really important stuff begins when you compile this into the the why's and why not!

business intelligence and e-business intelligence


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web- and work-group development, fast, to the point and economical
training course: intranet-in-a-course
interim management for new activities
e-procurement, optimise your procurement function
demand chain management, respond to your customers
your customers behaviour, what they do or don't - knowledge for you
leverage your add-on service as a payable self sustained service
make your key customers to a partner in success
collaborate across physical boundaries within your organisation


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how does your organisation work?

"hierarchical news and staff communication; intra-departmental walls; power by years in service, rather than by competency and value adding capability"


you meet your colleagues from research and development at the coffee machine. they have just read on the corporate news portal that you last night completed the acquisition. 'are we now gonna change our procedures for putting newly developed products out in the production line?' they ask, knowing that the now former competitor had a notorious record for product development. 'what do you think yourself?' you reply with a question, seeing on the smile in their eyes, that they know the answer already. the new corporate intranet had improved all the cross functional procedures and with appointed ownership of hand-over processes, it was now clear to everybody how to reduce time-to-market dramatically. more so as all hand-over processes are now following the same structure from the organisation wide process map. accessed and understood by every single employee, including newly hired junior staff, who has been introduced to the intranet in their first day. more so as they were familiar with this way of working from university."

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